Obituaries and Funerals


Obituaries are a way to remember the lost ones, making sure the lives of their loved ones were lived on. When planning a funeral, it is important to have an obituary available as part of the service.

The National Funeral Directors Association offers a free service for the public at its website and they offer a built-in online obituary service for nonprofits and organizations. You can use this site to write your obituary.

Most funeral homes have these funeral programs available and some offer them in addition to obituaries. A funeral program is a unique document that allows you to write information about the deceased. With that said, you want to make sure that it is well-formatted and clear and concise.

Most times you are asked at the memorial service or wake what happened during the funeral and how the family has been doing. If the obituary is included at the service, people may relate to it better and will more easily relate to the grieving process.

People should know that while obituaries are more formal than a phone call, the funeral home staff does not want to reveal too much. It can be helpful if you write a brief biography for the obituary, but it is better to let the funeral director do this work. You want to be respectful of the family as they grieve.

As with any type of information, you want to have the Funeral Homes in Natchez MS staff update the obituary regularly for updated information. You do not want to leave out information so you need to be sure that all the facts are correct. Also, keep it short and make sure that all personal information is correct such as the name of the deceased, full birth date, death date, family members, address, etc.

Usually, people find the obituaries online from their funeral homes and then they will place a link on their website for people to see. These websites also offer other types of services such as obituaries, obituary poems, etc. If there is not enough space on the website, it is still possible to post them.

People sometimes do not want to include their professional details or information as obituaries. They may be embarrassed or uncomfortable sharing their contact information.

Also, remember that in some instances, you may receive final requests for information from the family. In these cases, you must give them a specific time frame as to when you can send the obituary. In addition, you should keep copies of the obituaries and make sure that you store them somewhere safe to send copies when they are ready.

One way to obtain an obituary that fits into the funeral home’s online database is to ask if they would be willing to write one. This is another way to make sure that the person who wrote the obituary is family. Some funeral homes have their own staff and this is another way to get a professional obituary writer.

If you are not happy with the obituary, you can always go to your local funeral home to have it revised and resubmitted for publication. This can be done before or after the service but it is best done before the service to make sure that everything is correct.

Whether you decide to use an obituary at the funeral home or at your own funeral home, it is important to make sure that it reflects your personal style. Choose a good quality font and always have it well lit to help your family remember what has happened.