Types of Frag Racks and Tanks

Aquaculture Supplies:

  1. Choose from a wide variety of magnetic, inflatable, infrared and spring-backed frag racks and tanks.
  2. With these highly portable and easily accessible magnetic fixtures, display and quickly locate your coral frags.
  3. Use as many as you need to for large aquariums or as few as you want for small, medium or even smaller sized tanks.

Ideal for saltwater tanks and reef aquariums. These specially made to be easily rustproof and tank safe.

frag Racks and Tanks

You can purchase frag Racks & Tanks from online retail stores. Some of them offer free shipping. Make sure to read product reviews before buying. Frag Racks & Tanks are excellent for storing fish and other aquarium accessories. They are safe and durable.

Aquaculture: This type of rack and tank is a must have in any fish room or reef center. This is specifically designed for storing tropical fish and other aquarium species. It comes in two sizes, standard as well as double configuration. This type of rack and tank comes with detailed instructions and a hardware kit that allow you to install it yourself.

Puffin Refill Kits: This is a very popular brand and well known name in the market. Its fish holding capacities are several times higher than others. It’s proven to keep fish alive for over a year. This company offers a full range of holding systems, accessories and related fittings. It also comes in various attractive colors.

Pelvic Tank Fittings: Pelvic tanks are specifically made for female fish and come in different sizes and shapes. They are designed to hold fish during breeding times and are often used for holding breeding pairs of fish. This type of frags and tanks allow the fish to lay eggs and grow safely.

Cauliflower Tank Systems: This is a high quality system that offers a lot of versatility and benefits. The cauliflower shaped tank helps to prevent the growth of algae. This tank also helps to remove excess nitrogen from water and keeps the pH at an optimum level as well. This is a high performing tank that offers high safety standards.

Coroplast Tanks: These tanks are extremely durable. They can withstand extreme weather conditions. They are made with an anti-corrosion surface and can hold many liters of water. The Coroplast tanks are available in many attractive colors. They are often used for ornamental purposes as well.

Plastic Racks & Tanks: These tanks are inexpensive and very flexible in terms of their sizes. They are capable of fitting into most corner spaces well. They often come with adjustable levels for height and depth. Plastic tanks are often placed on a tilting stand.

Glass Aquariums: Many people prefer these. They can be easily maintained and are long lasting. These are easy to clean and are lightweight. Most of the glass aquariums are available in clear colors. They also come with adjustable lighting systems.

Wood Racks & Tanks: These are a popular choice as well. They are durable and have attractive natural colors. Many people choose wood as it is strong, easy to maintain and looks good too. Wood Racks & Tanks are usually available in beautiful shades. You can customize them as per your choice.

Tops: Not just tanks, you can also get aquarium tops. This is another type of aquarium storage that can be used to house fish and other marine life. These tops are designed in such a way that they protect aquariums from over exposure to sunlight as well as water splashes. They help in retaining water temperature within the aquarium as well as keep it at a specific level. These tops are available in different colors as well.

Fabricated Aquarium Racks: These are aquarium racking system that are manufactured in the factory and then installed in the workshops or warehouses. These provide convenience and durability to the users as well. These are custom-made in such a way that they perfectly suit an aquarium and its accessories. You can get these racking equipment in different materials as well.