Essential Skills Of A Mason

Skillful Masonry Work

All of us may have had the experience of moving a load of bricks in a bricklayer’s or mason’s company. You may have felt a pang of envy for a successful business that had Denver Masonry. Or you may have wondered how it was possible to duplicate the skills. One thing is for sure, the success of a masonry contractor depends on a set of skills.

These skills are different from person to person. Some have more intense skill sets and others may possess a few skills. So what are these essential skills of a mason?

Basic knowledge about building construction and masonry is the foundation for success. This knowledge starts with the very first lesson, which is building plans. A good mason has a clear understanding of the material used in construction and when to use it. He knows what material to use and when not to use it. A good mason has a good knowledge of the building material as well as the way to mix the mortar for a particular type of building.

Next he needs to have accurate instruction on tools and equipment. This means he should have a complete set of general tools and then specialized tools for specific purposes.

Concrete sealing and grouting is a part of the skill set of a mason, because this requires consistent quality of workmanship. In other words, a professional mason does not make mistakes, and if they do, they correct them before they go into the ground. Grouting tools are easy to carry and should be in a tool box.

Skill in setting up walls is a must. It is important to know what kind of wall can be built with the required materials. The mason also needs to know how to determine the size and shape of the walls and how to install the proper finish around the wall to protect it from termites and other pests.

It is also important to have a skilled mason to paint the walls or repair or extend a building. Sometimes the mason is the one who needs painting and repair.

Skill in reading blueprints is also essential, especially if the mason is installing a new building. The blueprints should include detailed information about where everything is, where the features are, the dimensions of the room and the way it will be used.

Skill in stacking joists, bracing the rafters and stringing wire is an essential skill. The skill of installing beams is another aspect that must be taken care of.

Skill in operating machinery is also a requirement. For example, the mason may need to lift and move heavy bricks. To use the power drill and find the screws that go into the screws of the masonry joints, as well as finding the angle grinder and the punch are some of the tasks that require skill.

Skill in setting up fireplaces is also essential. A good mason can raise bricks over fire and not hurt anyone. He can control a fire using the smokehouse and he can even install high efficiency furnaces.

A mason can choose to do all these jobs himself, but he will not make as much money. However, if he is chosen by a commercial company to be their mason, he may make as much as twenty times as much as a person who just did the job himself.